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Surprise! We Are In Surprise!!

This is my effort to complete, catch up, and correct our website.

Our game store was going to be opened up in Buckeye, Az but due to complications, the site that we originally signed to lease was canceled. Buckeye is still a great space in Arizona with a great need for more entertainment and retail avenues for the gamer, nerd, and gift giving person, but it is not a space that worked out in our favor.

Surprise! The city of Surprise DID work out in our favor and we opened our store, Dungeon -Gaming Center, here on the Southwest corner of Reems and Bell. We began our our remodel of one suite, and partially opened our doors on Black Friday, 11-27-20.

Our completed game center has a retail side in one suite with an open walkway to the other suite with a large, open game space.

We pride ourselves on our cleanliness, openness, and friendliness. We strive to build community in gaming and welcome all gamers whether they are new or experienced into our fun and friendly environment.

Games are meant to be FUN! If you are not having fun, find another game. There are plenty more to choose from



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