Relatively new to the states, the TCG Flesh and Blood is gathering a good foothold in our community. We have had a steady turn out weekly to our weekday events with our regular group consistently showing support for the game, even when we have had minimal prize support. Our Flesh and Blood community has been welcoming, encouraging, and supportive of new players, with our regular and experienced players happily teaching others the game.

We host both constructed deck and draft events weekly, working with our Flesh and Blood community to compete on days that work best for the players. While our weekend play has been aimed mainly for teaching new players, new players are welcome at any event on any day.

We were honored to receive a Golden Ticket prize giveaway from the LSS OP team to raffle off at one of our events. We have also been chosen to host a pre-release event for the new Tales of Aria release on September 19th, 2021. This will be our first ever pre-release of any TCG that we carry. with Flesh and Blood

We love watching this game and community grow and are grateful to be a part of it.


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